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OS X Server doesn't have Mavericks ACL issues

TM reports that the problem we've been reporting about Mavericks clients changing Access Control Lists (ACLs) on Windows servers does not occur with Mavericks OS X Server. In fact, no one has reported the problem with OS X Server. Here's TM's report:

I have no ACL issues with Mavericks Servers and Mac clients running 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 software. We have about 13 10.9.4 servers and 100 clients. The only big problem with Mavericks Server is Apple took out the ability to send a message warning the connected user(s) that I will take the server offline in X minutes.

Do you disagree? .

Note that another reader has shared a fix for this problem that involves SMB2 and Access Based Enumeration.

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