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Using OS X Server Profile Manager and Active Directory certificates

We found an Apple tech article that describes how to acquire a security certificate via Active Directory Certificate profile and the Microsoft Certificate Authority. It also describes using Profile Manager OS X Server (Mountain Lion) to deploy Microsoft Active Directory Certificates to Macs. The article pertains to Mountain Lion clients. The article states:

OS X Lion introduced the ability to acquire a certificate from a Microsoft Certificate Authority via the profile payload. Mountain Lion transitions to the use of the DCE/RPC protocol. DCE/RPC bypasses the need for a web-enabled Certificate Authority (CA). It also offers more flexibility for choosing the certificate template to use for issuance. Mountain Lion offers full support for Active Directory Certificate in the web UI of Profile Manager. Active Directory Certificate profiles for computers or users can be deployed to Mountain Lion client devices via either automatic push or manual download.

The article is titled "How to request a certificate from a Microsoft Certificate Authority using DCE/RPC and the Active Directory Certificate profile payload."