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OS X Server 2.2.1 update adds Active Directory groups to Profile Manager

Apple on Monday released OS X Server v2.2.1 (Mountain Lion), an update that adds the ability to use Active Directory groups with Profile Manager, adds a new Caching service, makes it easier to manage certificates, and fixes a number of bugs. The update also plugs security holes in Profile Manager and Wiki Server.

Apple describes the new Caching service for software updates:

[The update] introduces a new feature called the Caching service, which speeds up the download of software distributed by Apple through the Mac App Store. It caches both software updates and purchased apps from the Mac App Store. For more information about the Caching service, choose Server Help in the Help menu.

The Server app has been updated to centralize the management of certificates. Time Machine service now can tell you which Macs have backed up, when they last backed up, and the size of the backup.

The update fixes bugs and errors in the Server app, Calendar service, Mail service, Contacts and Messages services, and in Profile Manager.

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