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OS X 10.9.4 fixes reader's file sharing problems

Jason Harrison reports that the recent OS X 10.9.4 update has fixed his organization's SMB file sharing problems with Mac Mavericks clients and OS X Server. He writes:

Mac OS X 10.9.4 has fixed file-sharing issues. We work with a handful of sites that primarily run Mac clients with Mac OS X Servers. The SMBv2 issue was impacting file sharing significantly for these sites (as well as our own) until 10.9.4 was released. That seems to have dramatically reduced and or eliminated many of the issues we were seeing with file sharing in Mac-to-Mac environments. We don't have enough data put together on Mac to Windows Servers yet, so can't comment there. Nor do we have any Mac-to-NAS scenarios that were being impacted, so can't comment there either.

If you've seen the OS X 10.9.4 update help your Mavericks file sharing issues .