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OS X 10.9.4 doesn't fix ACL file sharing problems

Jacob Snyder reports that the OS X 10.9.4 update did not fix his problems with changing ACLs on file servers when Macs access files. We've posted a lot of user reports of these problems on our Mavericks File Sharing Tips page, with some suggestions. Snyder refers to a link at the JAMF users forums. Snyder said this:

We still are seeing major issues with ACLs in 10.9.4. This thread at JAMF starts out with earlier versions of 10.9 and the ACL issues seem to get resolved with 10.9.3 and 10.9.4, but if you keep going down the thread you can see that the issues return for several users. I'm one of those users and I'm working with Apple Enterprise support. They can recreate the issue, but they still don't have a solution. The problem is so bad that I'll have to revert to 10.8.5 until there is a resolution.

Has OS X 10.9.4 had any affect on your problems with ACLs and Mavericks users? Please .

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