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OS 9 emulator issues: prefs don't save, updates

Two readers sent reports about the open source SheepShaver/Chubby Bunny Mac OS 9 emulation bundle for OS X. One reader has a problem saving preferences, and another has a question about replacing the core emulation engine with a more recent version.

Chubby Bunny is a bundle that includes everything required to run the old pre-Intel Mac OS 9 or earlier ("Classic") on OS X Intel Macs. Chubby Bunny includes the SheepShaver emulator, as well as a preconfigured copy of OS 9 and the Mac ROM software. The current build was updated for OS X Mountain Lion last fall by Jon Gardner, but readers have reported that it also runs in Mavericks. (Here is a direct download link for Chubby Bunny from Jon Gardner. The core SheepShaver emulator, without OS 9 or ROM file, is maintained by

Christopher Rosien is has Chubby Bunny installed and reports a problem with preferences:

I can't get preferences to save. Every time I open it reverts back to the default prefs. I even tried doing a chmod on the hidden file but no dice. I even did some editing in PICO but as soon as I opened the app again it reverted. This is on 10.8.5.

If you can help with this problem .

Jon Gardner's Chubby Bunny build uses a version of SheepShaver from last fall. There is a newer build of SheepShaver from February 2014 at Emaculation. George Roumeliotis wants to know if you can substitute the newer SheepShaver in Chubby Bunny:

Great easy install of Gardner's new Chubby Bunny bundle on a Mac mini server (20011 A7 processor -- very snappy, thank you very much. One question: is it possible or worthwhile trying to upgrade to a later version of SheepShaver?

We don't know the answer, but if you do .

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