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No fix for massively duplicated Outlook email with OS X, but maybe a clue

Thomas Atkinson responded our reports of massive duplication of Outlook Mac email under OS X Mavericks:

This fiasco with getting thousands of old duplicate emails 1-2 times every single day is growing tiresome. I may just unplug my Macs (5 of them) and park them until this problem is fixed. It's really ridiculous that this problem has been going on for months now and every work around gets undone with every update.

The problem also seems to appear with the OS X Mavericks Mail app and Exchange server, though not all Outlook 2011 users are seeing the problem. There is no known workaround at this time except to reinstall Mountain Lion.

In searching around the web we can only find solutions for issues of two or three duplicate messages with Exchange Server email, but not thousands. We did find a tid-bit that might be a clue. This is from LookOut Software, which makes software for Windows:

In a perfect Send/Receive cycle, Outlook sends a request to the mail server for mail messages; new emails not in Outlook are then downloaded and the connection is closed. However, if your firewall or anti-virus software interjects itself and causes something to fail at any point in this process (flagging a large message, etc.) the connection will not close properly. This means that any emails that were downloaded before the point of failure will be downloaded again on the next Send/Receive, thereby creating duplicate emails in your Outlook inbox.

If there is something different about the way Mavericks interacts with firewalls, this might be a clue as to what is going on, why it's only seen with Exchange Server, and why not everyone has the problem.

Any thoughts? Let us know.

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