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Apple drops support for Windows 7 in new Mac Pro

The new Mac Pro will only allow Windows 8 or later to be installed with Boot Camp. Apple updated its System Requirements for Boot Camp page to list Windows 8 as the only supported Windows OS for the Mac Pro Late 2013. A blog post from Twocanoes Software shows a screen shot of the Mac Pro's Boot Camp Assistant specifying Windows 8 or later, not providing an option for Window 7.

The change in the newest Mac model may signal that Apple will be dropping support for Windows 7 in future versions of Boot Camp. The new Mac Pro is the first, and so far only model that doesn't support Windows 7. For other models, Boot Camp 5.x supports Windows 7 and later. Boot Camp 4.x (which is still used on older Macs) supports Windows XP and Windows 7. (For more on Boot Camp versions, see our list of which Macs support which version of Boot Camp.)

If you know of a workaround or hack that enables you to install and run Windows 7 on the new Mac Pro .

The Twocanoes blog post describes installing a Windows image on the new Mac Pro using the company's Winclone 4.4, software that that can make a backup or copy of a Boot Camp installation, or copy a Windows installation on a PC and migrate it to a Boot Camp partition on a Mac. Winclone can also take snapshots of a Boot Camp Windows installation, and lets you create Boot Camp installer packages for setting up multiple Macs.