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Mountain Lion and NetExtender VPN problem and possible solution

Sandra Lekan has a problem accessing Dell SonicWall's NetExtender virtual private network appliance:

I have this problem using Mac OS X 10.8.2 and NetExtender. I can log into the VPN but cannot get to talk to server where files are at. So frustrated!
A few years ago, readers reported problems and fixes with Snow Leopard and NetExtender.

If you've seen this problem .

We found some information here that points to several possible problems with NetExtender and Mountain Lion. One is a change in DNS in OS X that conflicts with NetExtender 6.0.719 and earlier. This stated solution is to upgrated to NetExtender 6.0.726.

There could also be a problem related to Mountain LionŐs Gate Keeper security feature and the fact that NetExtender is not distributed in the Mac App Store. Again, the stated solution is to upgrade to NetExtender 6.0.726.

Update: IP address snafu caused NetExtender-Mac VPN problem

Sandra Lekan found the solution to problems with Mountain Lion not connecting through SonicWall's NextExtender virtual private network software:

We figured it out. It was because the IP address for the server was the same as the one set for my router on my end.

For more on IP addressing issues with NetExtender, see the article "TIP: Firmware and IP issues for NetExtender VPN with Macs."