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More reports of Outlook sync problems with OS X 10.8.4

Readers continue to report problems syncing Outlook 2011 for Mac mail with Exchange and other devices after updating the Mac to OS X 10.8.4. Microsoft indicated that Office 14.3.6 might fix this, but one reader said that the problem started after updating Outlook to the latest version.

Ephrat has the latest Outlook, but still has the problem:

After the OS 10.8.4 update, and with Outlook 11 (14.3.6) connected to Exchange, as soon as sync starts to a MacBook Air, the emails get deleted from the server (i.e., they download and go straight to delete on a PC, and are untraceable on a Mac).

Max Duursma is also using the latest Outlook:

I have identical problems after latest update Outlook for Mac 2011 stalls as soon as syncing messages, when disconnected from Internet Outlook function normal.

Jeff Rooney began to see the problem only after updating Outlook:

I installed the Office update yesterday and it now Outlook seems to be having the syncing problem you described. It did not have it before. I deleted many emails on another client and now it's having trouble syncing.

If you've seen this problem, or have a suggestion .

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