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More on OS X Server 10.9.2 error -36 and new iMessage problem

Paul Roderer's Macs are having the previously reported problem of not being able to copy files to OS X Server using SMB after updating the server to OS X 10.9.2 and Server 3.0.2. He also discovered that the Server-hosed iMessage service no longer works after the update:

We're getting Error 36 sharing documents on Mavericks Server. I updated OS X Server to 10.9.2 and clients can no longer save to server. Updating Server 3.03 also renders iMessage unavailable.

The clients are also running 10.9.2. I get error 36 when trying to save to the server from a client with an SMB share point. It works fine with AFP. However, iMessage using jabber will not work with Server 3.0.3 -- only with 3.0.2.

The file copy bug doesn't occur with 10.9.1.

If you're seeing the error 36 error message or are seeing that OS X Server 10.9.2 and Server 3.0.3 break iMessage server, . For more reports on this problem see Mavericks File Sharing Tips and Reports.

Below is a video demonstrating the file copy bug in OS X 10.9.2.