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More on Mavericks and Exchange problems

We have two more reports on problems with Mavericks and Mail and Outlook with Exchange Server. One report is from a reader with the problems and another from someone not seeing the problems who thinks a version of Exchange or Auto Discover may have something to do with it. David Toub has the problems:

I've had many problems with Exchange-based e-mail and on 10.9.x. I've had frequent delays of 5-15 minutes in receiving mail, and several times per day do not receive any Exchange-based e-mails whatsoever (which does not happen at all on iOS, interestingly; hearing the mail bonk on my iPhone or iPad is often the only way I know I have new mail from work as it often doesn't come through with OS X Mail open and in front of me).

IÕve also had issues with sending e-mail, but less frequently; the biggest issue for me is delayed or non-receipt of e-mails. The only fix I've found is to quit Mail and reopen it.

Apple is aware; I've sent logs and many communications. Silence to date.

Mike Campbell is not having problems with Exchange 2010 and either Mail or Outlook, and wonders if the version of Exchange has something to do with it:

I have been testing Mavericks (10.9.1) with Exchange 2010 and I have not experienced the problems that some of your users are experiencing. I am working closely with the Exchange administrator on this and we are using Auto Discover in Exchange services.

I have tried Apple Mail and it syncs in no time, I have 7,000 items in my mailbox and in a couple of minutes they were all downloaded to my MacBook.

I have also tested Outlook 2011 (14.1.0) and again no problems.

I cannot comment on earlier version of Exchange, but it may be worth posing the question what version and if 2010 is Auto Discover enabled.

If you're having these problems, what version of Exchange you have.

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