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More on Mavericks InDesign corruption and SMB nsmb.conf

Anthony Godwin provided some new information about the previously reported Mavericks problem saving InDesign files on file servers, although his files aren't corrupting as others have reported. He has also reports success with the previously reported workaround for Mavericks SMB file sharing problems:

I've also seen this issue with users trying to work on InDesign files on network files shares that are running Windows SMB2. Same issue, server disconnects and no autosaving, but no explicit corruption of files.

I've seen mention on Adobe forums that Adobe does NOT support saving of files on a network. This is an Adobe issue as much as Mavericks.

Have had issues with SMB as well, which your nsmb.conf tip solved for us. This issue is intermittent though, as it does not occur on every Mavericks computer.

If you've seen the Marvericks InDesign problem, or tried the tip for general SMB file sharing problems, .