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More Mavericks file sharing problems: DFS, zip files, and InDesign

Christoph Sternberg has the problem described in "Mavericks file sharing disconnects even with SMB1," but on a non-Windows server. He's also seeing a problem with DFS, with zip files residing on the server, and with Adobe InDesign files:

We have exactly the described problems since rollout of Mavericks in October/November. In our case it is not a Windows server but an EMC VNX5300 Unified acting as CIFS-NAS. A Windows 2008R2 server only hosts the DFS-root for access to the shares.

With DFS we have another problem: Since Mavericks it lasts a very long time until the folders under the DFS links are shown in finder when many users are active. Inside the folders all works fast as expected. Mostly you have to switch between several DFS-links until the content of the wanted link is shown.

When double clicking a zip file with more than one file inside in Finder on a smb network share, the content is extracted, but the folder with the unzipped files has the "hidden" flag set, i.e. you cannot see it when hidden files are not shown in Finder. Reproduced on several different client machines and an EMC VNX5300 SMB-NAS as fileserver.

Another thing I saw in the screenshots: the example is an InDesign file. Also we have these problems especially with InDesign. We tried deactivating "App Nap" for the application, but this is not enough for InDesign, you also have to deactivate sleepmode in system settings. We thought it would fix it, but some users called us with new crashes of InDesign. InDesign is the application we have the most problems with. We already downgraded some users to Mountain Lion because of those problems. We have no hope for fixes from Adobe because they officially don't support opening of files directly from network shares although copying them local before is not an option in workgroups.

If you've seen any of these problems with Mavericks file .

NOTE: This article was corrected to restore two lines of text about zip files that had been inadvertently deleted.

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