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More Mavericks Mail woes with Exchange Server

Three more readers reported problems with OS X Mavericks Mail and Exchange Server. Problems include not being able to send or receive mail, hundreds of duplicate draft messages (a problem also reported with Outlook on Mavericks), and blank messages dated from 1969.

Chap Harrison writes:

Just wanted to report that I'm experiencing the same problem as your report. OS X 10.9.1 and Mail 7.1. Recently found nearly 200 drafts of a single email I'd composed. Also have had outgoing messages remain in Outbox. In addition, some mail I've sent successfully never appears in my Sent folder. I didn't add this Exchange server to my Mail accounts until OSX 10.9.1 so I can't compare my experience to anything earlier.

John Hellow says it can take an hour for Mavericks Mail can connect with Exchange Server:

Mail in 10.9 does not play well with Exchange Servers. I have been having the same problem since the update to 10.9 as the recent article about Exchange problems. It can take up to an hour for a connection with Exchange to download mail, and occasionally mail hangs in my outbox, or asks me to change outgoing servers.
Laura Yager's messages don't get sent, receives mail late, and receives blank messages from New Years Eve long ago:
Ever since I updated to Mavericks using mac mail with my outlook account sending and receiving mail is temperamental. 90% of the time it won't even send through. I don't receive emails on time either. Also I have been getting blank emails from 12/31/1969. I use Mac mail and have always used it. I tried to download Thunderbird and I don't like it plus I can't get the Outlook synced with that either.

There's more on this topic and on problems with Outlook and Mavericks here.

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