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Microsoft says "you can't trust Google" over revealing personal data

Microsoft is calling out Google for sharing user's detailed personal information with app developers. At a Microsoft website called Scroogled, Microsoft has several video ads criticizing Google for providing users' name, email address, and locations of users' neighborhood to developers. This occurs when an Android users buys an app from Google's Google Play store for Android.

The latest web video (below) claims that Google doesn't inform users about the data sharing either before or after purchasing an app. Google's app store terms of service page only describes the passing on of this personal information to magazine publishers:

If you purchase a subscription of any length on Magazines on Google Play, Google will share your name, email address, mailing address and a unique identifier with the magazine’s publisher.

The video concludes, "If you can't trust Google's app store, how can you trust them for anything?" The Scroogled web site promotes Windows Phone and Bing, stating that the Windows Phone Store and Bing don't share personal data with app developers.