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Mavericks scrambling Outlook folders

Cecilia reports that since updating her Mac to OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Outlook has duplicated folders and rearranged existing folders. However, the folders were still available on the server via the web, but they aren't visible from Outlook:

I recently installed Mavericks and discovered that all my Outlook folders are scrambled. There are duplications of folders and they have all bee re-organised. What is alarming is that the folders are empty!

I am extremely concerned as I use Outlook to run my business and I require my saved emails and templates. Unfortunately I did not do a backup for it before installing Maverick.

Over the weekend I logged into my mail server online and noticed that all my folders were in fact there however there were duplicate folders that are empty. So it appears that my mail is not lost just duplicate folders have appeared and in an odd order. However when I opened Microsoft Outlook, it is not a reflection of what my server has. Outlook has the duplicate empty folders but not the original folders. I still cannot access my mails from Microsoft Outlook.

It is extremely frustrating to say the least. I hope Microsoft is able to provide an update to fix this issue soon otherwise I would have to look into another platform for my emailing.

If you've seen this problem .

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