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Mavericks problems with some file servers

Readers are reporting that they cannot connect to certain file servers and network attached storage (NAS) devices after updating their Macs to OS X 10.9. Mavericks is backwards compatible with all file sharing devices, according to Apple, though it now defaults to the new SMB 2 file sharing protocol. The older CIFS/SMB and AFP protocols are still supported (contrary to what some of the tech sites have reported).

Reports from readers indicate that Mavericks may not be switching to SMB or AFP when a device doesn't support SMB2. It's also possible that Apple's implementation of SMB2 is not compatible with certain devices.

Ron Wilfred has a problem connecting to Windows:

After upgrading my MacBook Pro (2011) to Mavericks, I can no longer connect to my Windows 8 PC for file sharing. It worked perfectly before, but now won't now. I can still connect to the PC from an iMac with Lion.

Garth Bell can connect to his NAS device but can't open files:

I have an iMac that I upgraded with Mavericks. Whenever I connect to a Netgear ReadyNAS from the Finder, it won't let me open files. When I double-click a file I get an Error -36 message saying it can't open the file. I can copy files from the NAS to my Mac and back again as a workaround, but this is a pain.

Jeffery loses a connection after sleep:

Mavericks has made connections to my NAS drive temporary. When my Mac goes to sleep, the drive is gone. I can bring it back after a restart. This is annoying enough to make me want to go back to Mountain Lion.

If you've seen a problem with Mavericks and files sharing .