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Mavericks file sharing disconnects even with SMB1

Adam Elliott reports that OS X Mavericks disconnects on multiple Macs even when using SMB1 instead of the default SMB2 We've previously reported a workaround of typing CIFS:// in Connect to Server instead of using the Finder to connect to the server. This is a workaround for being unable to connect. Elliott says the workaround enables them to connect, but they get disconnected later, and often have to restart the Macs. He also tried some things on the Windows server that worked for older versions of OS X. Elliot writes:

We are currently experiencing the issues for the SMBv2 and SMBv1 on a Windows SBS 2008 server. However, it actually times out the connection and a Mac restart is required. The Macs timeout on the Mavericks OS quite a lot. I have attached screen shots if that helps.

We have tried the disabling of the various 2008 filters which some are RSS and Pipelines, but to no avail. This approach worked with the previous versions of Mac OS X, however.

When we mount with CIFS [in Connect to Server], unfortunately it disconnects. That's the errors shown in the screen shot with CIFS://designserver. We did disable SMB2 on the server when the older version of Mac OS did the same thing, so we are about to re-enable SMB2. (We used this procedure from Microsoft and also here.)

Basically the older OS X was locking files on the SBS 2008 and users unable to access files that they were working on or editing in the PS suites. So those fixes actually resolved it fully.

So I will be trying SMB2 re-enable and seeing if it stops working.

Any help/assistance would be great.

If you've seen this issue .

UPDATE: Since this posting, Adam Elliott sent us a workaround to this problem.

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