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Mavericks error -36 problem seen with Server 3.1.1

Steve Knattress wrote that the previously reported problem of -36 file sharing errors with OS X Mavericks Server also occurs with Server version 3.1.1. He can copy files one at a time, get the error, and then copy another file. Knattress didn't mention if he tried the workarounds we've previously reported. Knattress wrote:

Running Mavericks Server 3.1.1 new install on a MBP Duo with OS X 10.9.2, newly installed. The server has a Drobo Pro attached by FireWire 800, which in past has been connected directly to the i7 without any problems.

Shared over GB network (as an admin network user) from a MacBook Pro i7 an upgraded to 10.9.2. (User folders are also stored on here).

Copying a Gopro media folder across onto the Drobo gives an "(error -36)". (Can read this and other files without a problem.) It appears that this error is generated after every file, as I can copy each individual file, accept error then copy next, accept error, etc. The files seem to be intact, I assume it is trying to write the _.DSstore file after each individual copy which is giving trouble. I googled and tried many "solutions" ( forks, permissions...).

Turning SMB off both in Server and in Preferences seems to be a workaround. Only AFP works.

We've previously reported two workarounds: One was to create an nsmb.conf file to force the use of SMB1, and the other was to use POSIX permissions instead of ACLs. If you've tried these work arounds XXXXXX