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Mavericks duplicate Sent mail and potential Apple fixes

Robert Hancock confirmed a Mavericks problem with large duplications of mail in the Sent box, using OS X's Mail app. The problem with Mavericks has also been seen with Outlook for Mac. Hancock says:

I have seen this several times. A single large sent mail appears in the Sent folder up to 20 times. A sent mail appears once and remains in the Drafts folder as well as in the Sent folder (also happened in Mountain Lion). Mail sent months previously and moved to Archive folder suddenly reappear in the current Sent folder.

These have all been reported to Apple as bugs in Mavericks Mail. No idea when/if they will be fixed.

If you've seen this problem with Mail or Outlook on Mavericks .

Last month, Apple released a special "Mail Update for Mavericks" patch to fix Mail app problems with Gmail and "additional fixes that improve the compatibility and stability of Mail." Unfortunately, this patch did not fix the duplicate messages problem with Mail and Outlook (as well as other problems). Apple is working on a general update, OS X 10.9.1, which may include more email-related fixes, according to reports around the web.

By the way, if email troubles have you thinking of reverting back to Mountain Lion, David Morgenstern at ZDnet warns that the process is more complex than one might think.