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Mavericks corrupting InDesign files on Windows servers

Shane Hughes wrote in response to a report on Monday about problems with Mavericks and Adobe InDesign on Windows Server, which caused the reader to downgrade to Mountain Lion. An earlier report described that the server was disconnecting. Hughes' problem is the InDesign files are corrupting: Mavericks-file-sharing-disconnects-even-with-SMB1.html

I work in a corporate environment that required we work from a Windows 2003 server. We recently upgraded our Macs to Mavericks. Now everything I save to the server from Adobe becomes corrupted/damaged. I'm losing InDesign files left and right.

Adobe has been useless, even though I am a beta tester and have been sending crash logs, error messages, and corrupted files directly to their developers. My Tech department seems stumped.

I've you've seen the problem .

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