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Mavericks Server update for VPN gets L2TP working

Apple released a patch called "VPN Update for Mavericks Server" aimed at fixing a bug with L2TP virtual private networking (VPN) connections in OS X Server. According to Apple, connections sometimes can't be made when "client and server are behind different network address translation (>NAT) gateways."

When the problem occurs, OS X Server's VPN service refuses to make connections from the client using L2TP, the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. The problem did not occur with clients to configured to use the less secure PPTP protocol for VPN connections.

The VPN Update requires OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 and OS X Server 3.0.1 to be already installed and running. You will have had to have previously launched the Server app to set up services.

VPN Update for Mavericks Server is available via Software Update or Apple's support site. It is not available directly from the Mac App Store, where you can find the prerequisite OS X Server 3.0.1 update. Reviews of OS X Server at the Mac App Store have recently been mostly negative, largely due to complaints about the VPN problem that the VPN Update is designed to fix.