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Reader confirms Mavericks 10.9.1 Mail problems sending to Exchange Server

Kenny Anderson confirmed a previously reported problem with OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 sending email to Exchange Server, with multiple drafts saved. He also has problems downloading messages from the server. Anderson reports:

I recently upgraded to Mavericks and Mail became very glitchy with my Exchange account. iCloud and a POP3 account are working properly.

The problems I am having are similar to the ones you describe in a posting on MacWindows dated December 23, 2013 reported by Ulrich Wesche. I have difficulty sending mail. It almost always gets stuck in the Outbox and will not send. Multiple drafts will appear. Email that's stuck in the Outbox and will not send, I've simply deleted it. Then shortly afterward the "swoosh" sound will occur and the message I deleted mysteriously is sent.

Mail will not maintain a stable connection with the Exchange server and is constantly going offline. It also will not download all messages on the server.

None of these problems existed with Lion.

If you've seen this problem .