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Mavericks, InDesign issue with 2nd display

Tina from Denmark wrote to describe a problem she was having accessing InDesign files on a server after updating her Mac to OS X Mavericks. When she disconnected her second monitor, the problem disappeared. She writes:

I had big problems with my Adobe InDesign and Mavericks. I downloaded Mavericks, and now InDesign dosen't work. I have repaired my heard disk, uninstalled InDesign, reinstalled InDesign two times, installed Mavericks again, and still I could not open any of my InDesign documents. The program is open, but no doc is showing. Then I discovered that Illustrator also had the same problems, but Photoshop works fine.

The problem was my extended screen. I have a 27" AOC screen connected to my MacBook Pro (2011). When I disconnected the screen, a tiny little Window with my document shows up in InDesign.

But I do have some problems now with the extended screen, it sometimes switches away from my settings. Except from that, all seems to run without any problems and delays.

If you've seen this problem .

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