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MacDrive 9.1 supports Mac devices on Windows 8

MacDrive 9 for Windows 7 and 8

Mediafour has released MacDrive 9.1, software that enables Windows to read and write Mac storage media, as well as to format in the Mac HFS+ format. It also enables Windows installed on Macs via Boot Camp to write to the Mac partition. MacDrive also gives Windows access to Time Machine archives and copy backup files to another location, from Windows in Boot Camp or on a PC. It also enables Windows to mount, read, and write Mac .DMG drive images.

New MacDrive 9 as the ability to run Windows 8. (The Windows 8.1 developer preview is not yet supported.) MacDrive 9 also supports earlier versions of Windows back to Windows XP, and current and earlier versions of Windows Server. .

MacDrive runs in the background, enabling Mac-formatted storage media to appear in Windows Explorer and other places drives are normally accessed within Windows.

The MacDrive 9.1 update fixes several bugs, including a problem with system freezes if the computer was restarted immediately after copying files to a Mac disk. Version 9.1 fixes a corruption problem when creating millions of files, as well as bugs with the MacDrive CD/DVD burner feature and with product activation. The update includes various other fixes and improvements. Recent maintenance updates before version 9.1 fixed problems with Time Machine problems in Windows 8 and with some Windows 8 Store apps accessing Mac-formatted media.

(Boot Camp drivers must be installed in Windows before MacDrive. If you update Apple's Boot Camp drivers, MacDrive will need to be reinstalled.)

MacDrive 9 comes in a Standard version ($50) and a Pro version ($70). (Volume discounts are available for either version with two copies or more.) The Pro version adds the ability to have Windows access Apple RAID sets, create Mac ISO files, and burn Blu-ray discs. The Pro version also includes automatic file defragmentation (optimization) for faster file access. Mac Drive 9 Pro also has the option of erasing files from a Mac drive using secure delete.

The update is a free download for owners of MacDrive 9. Owners of earlier versions can upgrade for $30 for MacDrive Standard and $40 for MacDrive Pro. A free time-limited demo is also available.