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Lack of OS X ACL File Locking problem points to Deduplication

Brian Marsh reports not having the Mavericks problem of server-based files getting locked when OS X Mavericks users open them. The problem seems to create new Access Control Lists (ACL) permissions. Marsh also said that he is not using the Windows Server Deduplication feature, which readers have said causes SMB file sharing problems with Mavericks. Marsh reports:

We are not seeing the ACL/File Locking issue on our Windows servers. Windows Server 2012R2 Clustered File Servers, Mac OS X 10.9 (and a couple 10.8 still) and Windows 7 clients, no issues with files being accessed by both computer types (and this happens constantly, thousands of files).

Macs are connecting through SMB2 (early in 10.9 we had some issues with large files - over a few GB- failing to copy, which forcing CIFS worked around, haven't had to do that since 10.9.3) and getting 100 MB/s+ on transfers (with CIFS forced, it was 50 MB/s maximum)

We are not using dedup feature of Windows Server (I believe our storage level SAN - a 3Par is doing dedup).

And regarding the story "Mavericks ACL bug keeps Windows users locked out" from Monday August 18, 2014: Time Machine in Mavericks doesn't have a setting for locking files like Lion did. I can't remember if it was removed in 10.8 or in 10.9 now. I don't have a 10.8 machine available at the moment to double-check.

Note that a reader recently reported that turning off Access Based Enumeration (ABE) on Windows server fixed ACL problems with Mavericks clients.

Does turning off Deduplication or ABE on Windows Server fix the ACL problem for you? Please .