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Fixing corrupted OLM files to bring Outlook Mac back to life

By Jane Parker

Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows can both can store a user's mailbox data on the local computer hard drive. Outlook for Mac stores user data in an OLM (.olm) file. Outlook for Windows stores user data in a PST (.pst) file. Like PST, OLM files can become corrupted and cause inaccessibility of all mailbox data.

Some common symptoms of OLM file corruption are:

  • MS Outlook for Mac 2011 crashes suddenly, and hence stops loading instantly.
  • You get the error message "Microsoft Daemon cannot be opened due to following errors" and your mailbox gets closed suddenly after this.
  • Your Outlook does not open even after several attempts.

These situations cause real panic because you are unable to access anything stored in your Outlook for Mac mailbox, including the emails, contacts, calendar entries, etc. In any such situations when Outlook is unable to help you out, try out these techniques:

  • First, check out whether the problem is due to duplicates. For this, create a new account in MS Outlook. If your new account does not see the problems, then the problem may be related to the preferences. To resolve this, quit Outlook, remove the preferences of your account, and reopen your email client.
    (There are five preference files with file names that begin with "". These are located in your home folder in Library/Preferences. On OS X 7 and later, the Library file is invisible. To get to it, hold down the OPTION key and click the Go menu.)
  • Use Microsoft Database Utility to build a new ID of Outlook to fix various issues related to the database. (You'll find it in the folder /Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office/.)
  • Sometimes, downloading the latest updates of the MS Outlook for Mac 2011 can resolve problems, particularly if you've recently upgraded your version of OS X.

If Database Utility and these other suggestions don't resolve your problem, you may need to use third-party OLM repair software. An efficient OLM repair utility repairs the damaged Outlook for Mac OLM file and restores its data without modifying its original formatting. Most of the reliable tools of this category repair even the severely damaged OLM files, so you can overcome the problem of OLM corruption in most of the cases.

One repair tool that I've had success with is Stellar Phoenix OLM Repair from Stella Data Recovery. Stellar offers a free demo version of their software that you can download and install on your computer for testing purpose. The demo provides a preview of recoverable data. If you can see that the utility can see the data, , you can purchase the license, which will unlock full functionality of the software and let you fix the OLM database file.

I've found Stellar Phoenix OLM Repair to have all the needed features with a quick repair time. Stellar also makes a version for Windows that fixes PST files, as well as a variety of other Outlook-related utilities.

If you've tried these techniques or an OLM repair utility

Jane Parker is a professional blogger and technology explorer, would love to write anything that she feels interesting or can helps user in understanding typical things in easy way. Currently she is doing research on various Outlook tools to troubleshoot every difficulty faced by users.