Acronis ExtremeZ-IP Seamless Integration of Macs into Windows Infrastructure

ExtremeZ-IP 9 adds instant Spotlight search of NAS

Acronis has released ExtremeZ-IP 9, a new version of the Windows-based file and print server for Mac clients. ExtremeZ-IP 9 extends its Network Spotlight feature to bring near-instantaneous searches of NAS devices from OS X's Spotlight search. Version 9 also adds support for the latest Windows Server updates, support for SAN, as well as options for support of Windows file system archiving and Volume Shadow Services.

ExtremeZ-IP installs on a Windows Server or Windows Professional, providing file service with Apple's AFP (Apple File Protocol) instead of SMB. This bypasses the problems Mavericks users often encounter with Windows servers.

ExtremeZ-IP also enables Mac users to search Windows Servers with OS X's Spotlight, returning search returns very quickly. ExtremeZ-IP running on one Windows Server also lets Mac do Spotlight searches on other Windows Servers on the network using a feature called Network Reshare.

The new ExtremeZ-IP version 9 extends Network Reshare to NAS (network attached storage) devices, building a Spotlight index for OS X, resulting in very fast searches for Mac users. The Network Reshare feature works with any NAS supporting SMB 1 or SMB 2. ExtremeZ-IP communicates with the NAS devices using SMB, but communicates with the Macs using AFP.

Another new feature enables ExtremeZ-IP-enabled Windows servers to work with storage-attached networks (SANs), such as Apple old XSAN. ExtremeZ-IP is compatible with StorNext File System volumes, and is qualified with StorNext 5. SANs are used in high-data-flow tasks such as video production.

A new optional extension called Archive Connect adds support for Windows archiving. With Archive Connect installed, ExtremeZ-IP 9 enables Mac users to browse through archives stored on tape or hard drives. Without Archive Connect, the mere fact of OS X's Finder browsing the files would recall the files from the archive to the Windows Server.

Another new ExtremeZ-IP 9 option ads compatibility with Windows VSS versioning, know as Volume Snapshot Service or Volume Shadow Service. VSS takes snapshots of files or volumes. ExtremeZ-IP 9 new Shadow Connect adds a VSS client to OS X that enabls Mac users to select older versions of a server-based file from a contextual menu.

ExtremeZ-IP 9 is available now from Acronis.