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Emailchemy email converter updated

Weird Kid Software has released Emailchemy 12.1.4 ($25), a maintenance update to the utility that converts email between formats on Windows and OS X, including converting Outlook to Apple Mail. Emailchemy can "de-duplicate" messages when converting, which can be useful for people seeing the massive duplications of email with Outlooks on Mavericks.

For moving Apple Mail to Outlook, Emailchemy includes an IMAP server to make the move easier. Emailchemy fully supports Outlook for Mac 2011 databases, and has IMAP importing that is compatible with Outlook 2013. There's also an option to export only email headers.

Emailchemy also supports a number of older email formats and standard email and database formats. This includes old Entourage email, MBOX files (RFC-2822 mailboxes), comma-separated (CSV) exports. Emailchemy comes with utilities that can split, sort and merge email archives. It can also harvest email addresses from email archives.

Emailchemy is available for running on OS X 10.5 and later, Windows, and Linux, and requires Java. The 12.1.4 maintenance release includes an Updated bundled Java Runtime Environment to v. 1.7.0_55. Weird Kid Software offers a demo of Emailchemy that lets you try out the converter.

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