Emailchemy 12.1.15 converts email between Mac and Windows platforms

Emailchemy 12.1.15 ($30) from Weird Kid Software is a maintenance update of the email converter software for OS X, Windows, and Linux, which can convert between various email formats on Macs and Windows PCs. The update fixes a problem with application's converter for Outlook Mac 2011 that caused some conversions to fail.

Emailchemy includes an IMAP version of the ImportServer software, which can help you import into your converted email into your new email software. If your new email software is incompatible with IMAP, WeirdKid Software offers ImportServer POP3 Edition 2.0.4 ($10). The company describes it:

ImportServer helps you import email into email applications. Specifically, the ImportServer acts like an email server that holds all your old email, ready to be downloaded into your new email application. Use ImportServer when your new email application does not provide an option to import your old email.

Emailchemy converts email to mbox-based formats, which most mail programs can import. Emailchemy also includes an IMAP version of ImportServer.

ImportServer POP3 Edition helps you get mbox files into applications that can't import mbox format and are not able to connect to IMAP servers.

ImportServer POP3 Edition is available for OS X 10.7 and later, Windows, and Linux/Unix.