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Duplicate Outlook email in OS X 10.9 can number in the 1000s

Jeff Blaine is another reader reporting receiving duplicate email in Outlook after updating his Mac to Mavericks. In his case, the number of duplicates can number over 1700. There is no known workaround except to switch to Mail. Blaine writes:

I have a problem with Outlook 2011 emails downloading since I upgrade to OS X 10.9.1 from OS X Mountain Lion. It downloads 1329 emails every time I open Outlook since yesterday when I upgraded. The number of duplicate emails has varied widely. On one occasion, 1700+, sometimes about 500 and from time to time, zero, and everything in between.

My solution has been to jettison using Outlook for e-mail and I've set up Mac Mail which is working fine. I turned off "send/receive" in Outlook, which allows me to access archives and recent/current e-mails without getting a flood of duplicates.

If you've seen this problem .

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