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CrossOver maintenance update for Win apps on Mac

CodeWeavers has released CrossOver 13.1.3, a maintenance update to the software that enables OS X to natively run Windows applications on Macs without the use of Microsoft Windows. The update adds support for Blizzard's desktop application, includes Quicken improvements of the previous update, and fixes a bug in CrossOver's self-update function, among other improvements.

An update in March improved the support of Quicken 2014, including better display on dual-monitor setups. Although Quicken can only display on the primary monitor, the update improved usablilty. Windows applications can now be installed directly from the Amazon Downloader service (Quicken 2014 is one program which is often purchased as an Amazon download). Adobe Reader XI now installs and runs.

CodeWeavers last major update was last November's version 13, which increased graphics performance for better gaming and improved support for Outlook for Windows.

CrossOver is not a virtualization product like Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion, and CrossOver doesn't run the Windows OS. Rather, it enables OS X to run directly run Windows applications through the use of an emulator called Wine that runs in the background. Windows applications can be launched by double clicking its icon in the OS X Finder or from CrossOver's Program menu.

Although CrossOver doesn't support all Windows applications, it does support thousands of business apps and games. The CodeWeavers web site has a database of supported apps.

CrossOver 13 is available for $60 for either the Mac or Linux versions. A support package is available for an extra $20. The 13.1.3 update is free for customers currently with support.