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Another report of Windows deduplication and Mavericks file share woes

Shaun Titus has confirmed previous reports of the Windows Server 2012 Deduplication feature causing Mavericks SMB problems. His workaround is to have the Macs connect to the file server using SMB 1 (CIFS) instead of the newer SMB 2, but that adds other problems. Titus reports:

I can confirm that my organization has experienced the same exact symptoms using 10.9 with a Windows Server 2012 file server utilizing Dedupe on a volume.

Our solution was to knock the 10.9 clients down to SMB 1.0 by using CIFS (which required me to allow SMB 1.0 connections on the server - a big security concern).

Another issue with SMB 1.0 is that it is super slow and our MAC clients have complained about that. We have been testing 10.9.4 but it doesn't look like the issue is resolved there either. The 10.10 preview breaks domain authentication so we can't even test it there yet.

Looks like that deduplication savings is costing us in the end.

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