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OrangePC 660 vs. PCfx!

On November 30, Tom Berg sent us his test results comparing two Orange Micro cards, the low-end PCfx! and the high-end OrangePC 660, with the fastest processor available for it, a 400 AMD MHz K6-2. Here is his report:


I had a chance to run some benchmarks on the Orange Micro OrangePC 660 and PCfx!. I purchased a PCfx! which I returned for the OrangePC 660 and then upgraded with a AMD K6-2/400.

The Orange Micro PCfx! is simply the OrangePC 660 with the L2 cache removed and a fixed (not upgradable) IDT WinChip/200 processor. ZD WinBench 99 was used. CPUmark32 gives a good estimation of overall general Windows performance. FPUWinMark gives an idea of game computational performance. Neither benchmark can utilize the 3DNow! features of the AMD K6-2 which can additionally boost games that are optimized for it.


Processor, Bus, Cache



OrangePC 660

AMD K6-2/400 @100 MHz bus, L2 cache



OrangePC 660

AMD K6-2/400 @ 66 MHz bus, L2 cache



OrangePC 660

AMD K6-2/400 @ 66 MHz bus



OrangePC 660

AMD K6-2/200 @ 66 MHz bus




IDT WinChip/200 @ 66 MHz bus



Overall almost 3 times better performance with OrangePC 660 K6-2/400 over PCfx! In gaming specific situations over 4 times better performance!

A K6-2 is 21% faster than the same speed WinChip. Double the internal processor frequency and it boosts performance by 30%. Add L2 cache and performance increases by a huge 50%! Running at 100 MHz bus instead of 66 MHz gives another 24% increase.

In floating point calculations the K6-2 is 100% faster than a WinChip! Double the internal processor frequency and it boosts performance by 97%.

A disappointed PCfx! user, but impressed OrangePC 660 user.

Tom Berg

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